The Influence of Foreign Languages on the Economy


  • Gulnara DIASAMIDZE International Black Sea University
  • Khatuna TABATADZE International Black Sea University



Knowledge of foreign languages has played a crucial role in the life of a modern person in recent decades. It is necessary in
many spheres of life (science, politics, culture, art, and others). Foreign languages have taken on a new aspect, becoming a
means of achieving professionalism and the main point in employment. It is no coincidence that foreign languages are being
intensively studied in order to actively work in the market.
With the growing economic pace, the demand for highly qualified individuals who are able, to develop and implement new
methods and technologies is growing, which has a positive effect on the educational development system. In turn, developing
the education system, leading to an increase in the number of highly qualified specialists, contributes to economic growth.
Thus, fully mastering a foreign language contributes to the development of students’ cognitive interest in future professional
activity, and awareness of its features, which generally increases the effectiveness of performing skilled tasks, having a
positive impact on the effectiveness of professional training and further successful identity with the chosen profession in the
field of economics. 




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DIASAMIDZE, G. ., & TABATADZE, K. . (2023). The Influence of Foreign Languages on the Economy. Journal in Humanities, 12(2).