Russia-Ukraine War and Its Reflection on US-China Relations


  • Nika CHITADZE International Black Sea University



The purpose of this research work was to study US-Chinese relations against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian war. China's
position regarding the Russian-Ukrainian war is also analyzed. conduct a detailed analysis of geopolitical, and economic, issues of
relations between the two Great Powers The work presents mainly questions of a predictive type, in relation to which it is determined that the trade relations between the United States and China that existed before the 2022 war are preserved. On the other hand, China has not yet taken radical steps towards rapprochement with Russia and moving away from the United States. China will pursue a pragmatic policy of maintaining trade and economic relations with the United States and will therefore ignore Russian policies. The US and China should take very careful policy steps. China should use its accumulated power with great caution so as not to harm other states and, at the same time, its own plans for the future. In addition, the US Department of State should take sensible steps in dealing with China.




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CHITADZE, N. . (2023). Russia-Ukraine War and Its Reflection on US-China Relations. Journal in Humanities, 12(2).