The Dynamics of Polish-Georgian Relations from the 15th Century till Presen


  • Tea CHUMBURIDZE International Black Sea University



Since ancient times, Georgian people had relations with the neighboring and distant countries.Georgian and foreign researchers often facedmajorquestions: what did the Georgian nationendure,howdid it endure and how did it survive?Georgian-foreign relations in most casesaddressedfreedom and independence of the motherlandand this aspectis very important for the understanding ofthe Georgian nation, its uniqueness and peculiarities. An ancient civilizednation standing at the junction of Europe and Asia, was interesting not only from a strategic point of view, but itownedthe Eurasian economiclever and the key to the whole system of relations.Since the 19thcentury, relations of Poland and Georgia have emerged and developed within the framework of one empire. This very aspectis of an interest in terms of Polish-Georgian relations, not only from a purely cultural point of view, but from a historical one, as well. Therefore, from today's perspective, it seems relevant to discuss our past and its consequences, especially if this deals withthe people, once prosperous and strong, and since the 19thcentury, under the colonial rule.

Keywords: Dynamics, Georgia, Poland,Relations




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