Pulpit and Politics: Christianity in the Struggle for Good Governance in Nigeria


  • Samson O. IJAOLA Samuel Adegboyega University
  • Matthew A. ADEROJU Samuel Adegboyega University




Christian pulpits are vocal and powerful political platforms in most countries of the world today. Through diverse forms of oracular messages, Christian pulpits engage itself in state affairs and governance of Nigeria. From blatant or cautious prophecies to flagrant or stealth solicitations for political candidates and their parties, some pulpits immerse themselves in politics. Moreover, either with the view to compliment or disparage the pulpit, the diverse politically inclined pews and the public often argue on the boundary of Christian pulpits in politics. As the pulpit actors often claim a divine responsibility to guide the country in the political space, it is confronted with the poser, on where and how to draw the line between its spiritual mandate and political stewardship. It is against this background that this study seeks to examine the roles of Christian pulpits in the struggle for good governance in Nigeria. Adopting literal criticism, the study concludes that the roles of the pulpit can be well-defined in politics. In addition, it should not limit its contributions to politics, as long as good governance remains its primary concern.




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O. IJAOLA, S. ., & A. ADEROJU, M. . (2023). Pulpit and Politics: Christianity in the Struggle for Good Governance in Nigeria . Journal in Humanities, 12(1). https://doi.org/10.31578/hum.v12i1.518