Digital Age of Diplomacy and Its Impact on Foreign Policy


  • Mariam KALACHISHVILI International Black Sea University



Obviously, digital technology has had a significant impact on how the modern world operates, and it has even inspired the creation of
a new trend in diplomacy known as "digital diplomacy." This article discusses the concept of "digital diplomacy" and seeks to
understand the evolving nature and characteristics of this type of foreign affairs. Also, this paper explores how governments, diplomats
and other state officials, use digital tools in order to pursue a country’s foreign policy and determine its impact on international relations.
Additionally, the research explains the advantages and disadvantages of the modern type of diplomacy and underlines, that this
product of globalization enables diplomats to overcome many of the limitations of traditional diplomacy, but at the same time traditional diplomatic techniques still continue to be effective.
Keywords: Cyberspace Diplomacy, Digital Diplomacy, social media, public diplomacy.




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