Strengthening Racial Equality in the United States through History Education


  • Nino DONADZE Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University



The paper discusses teaching one of the fundamental values of American people such as equality through history education.
Nowadays this topic is important because of the discrimination cases and the murder of George Floyd that is a demonstration of
racism, racial inequality. As stated by the survey of “The Pew Research Center”, Black Americans think that the discrimination and
murder cases are caused by the legacy of slavery. The article discusses textbooks and curriculums, also an alternative lesson plans
which are taught in different states. As a result of the research, I made the following conclusions:
 Considering the Social Studies Standards of different states, slavery, causes of the Civil War and the Civil Right Movements
are not taught properly;
 One of the causes of racial inequality is miseducation of children about slavery;
 If students are misinformed about these topics, they will not be taught racial equality.




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