Using Interactive Forms for Distance Learning of a Foreign Language


  • Gulnara DIASAMIDZE International Black Sea University
  • Khatuna TABATADZE International Black Sea University


The article is devoted to the description of interactive methods of teaching a foreign language, more precisely Russian as a foreign language at
the university, which allow intensifying the learning process, as a result of which students develop the skills necessary to communicate in different communicative situations. The purpose of the work is to characterize the main interactive forms of teaching a foreign language, as well as a description of examples from one’s own teaching experience. The article has a theoretical and practical orientation. The use of different interactive methods in the online lessons improves the quality of teaching, intensifies the learning process, and contributes to the development of motivation for the subject.
In addition to methods: role-playing games, brainstorming, crossword puzzles, etc., we actively use various interactive online platforms at the initial and advanced stages of education, which also have a fruitful effect on student motivation. As a result, the learning process becomes entertaining and exciting.
Keywords: “Brainstorm”, crossword puzzles, clusters, distance learning, interactivity, role-playing game




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