Parallels of U.S. Post-Vietnam Military Transformation And Georgia’s Post-2008 War with Russia


  • John BUSHYHEAD International Black Sea University


The Vietnam War involved United States combat forces in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Decades later, the world observed the 2008 Georgia – Russia War.
This article examines parallels in military transformation between the U.S. Army post-Vietnam War and Georgian Army at the conclusion of the 2008 Georgia - Russia War. The U.S and Georgian Armies, at the end of their respective wars were clearly institutions in need of tectonic change. This article starts by providing a brief overview of both wars and conclude with an assessment of parallels in post-war transformation needs.
This article identifies parameters in which the United States Army found itself post-Vietnam War regarding military transformation. After doing so, juxtaposes this with the Georgian Army post-Georgia-Russia War.
This article identifies overlapping drivers of institutional change from both Wars. This article does this based on analysis and research of other authors, and my own personal experience as a retired senior U.S. Army officer and defense contractor who spent decades in this field.
The process of developing and implementing peacetime military change can take several decades. Therefore, stability in an organization’s mission
and resources can be important (Nielson, 2010, pp. 4).
Through this study, future U.S. efforts in military transformation can be better understood and more effective. Increased effectiveness and understanding
directly correlates to a compressed timeframe for military transformation efforts.
Through this article, one can see there are many parallels between the U.S. Army toward the end of the Vietnam War and with Georgia at the end of the 2008 Georgia-Russia War. Just as the U.S. made remarkable strides post-Vietnam, Georgia has made remarkable strides in military transformation through visionary leadership and abundance of will coupled with limitless intellectual capacity.

Keywords: Vietnam War, Military Transformation, 2008 Russia – Georgia War, Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), Curriculum Development (ADDIE), Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), National Training Center (NTC), Former Soviet Union, Soviet Army, Change Management Strategy, Institutional Change




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