Dysfunctionality of Master Signifiers in the Georgian (Political) Discourse


  • Givi AMAGLOBELI International Black Sea University


The aim of this paper is to identify, compare and analyze the basic master signifiers within the Georgian political discourse. We will try to construct
some kind of a typology of master signifiers in relation with the concept of ideology/discourse, fitting them in the main political parties’ ideological
grounds. We will also try to show that the concept of the Master Signifier can be employed while analyzing any type of political realm for practical
purposes. Our main task will be the general typology of Master Signifiers, with a particular focus on the Georgian political-ideological realm. Together
with the master signifier, the concept of empty signifier is also given in the literature. Accordingly, there are dysfunctional master signifiers, as well.
Our goal is to focus on the dysfunctional signifiers and their importance in terms of meaning creation/cancelation. At the same time, the notion should
be examined in the context of ideology/power relations. Moreover, it must be considered in relation with concepts like discursive strategy, narrative,
Keywords: Discourse, ideology, Master signifier



05-07-2022 — Updated on 07-07-2022


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