The Role of Sacred Sites in Handling the Israel-Palestinian Conflict


  • Shorena SIGUA Caucasus International University
  • Maia KAPANADZE Caucasus International University



The presented article deals with the issue which is defined as the key role of holy sites and their importance in handling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been a hot spot on the world map for several decades and still maintains front page news of the main
political events, which is still important due to its wide scale and lack of prospects and ways to resolve this conflict.
In scientific circles, a number of monographs and scientific articles have been devoted to a still unresolved dispute between these two peoples and
there is still a great deal of interest among scientists regarding this issue, to which a number of opinions on possible ways to end up the conflict have
been expressed. Many leading organizations and institutions of the world have intervened in resolving this issue, but, for some reason or more, the
attempt to end it up peacefully still seems a distant prospect and is still very obscure.
Numerous studies related to this problem suggest one of the ways to resolve this conflict through existence of a common sacred religious place
between these two nations and their common patriarch.
The purpose of this article is to highlight the role of common sacraments and common ancestor in the managing this conflict, and it also emphasizes
the fact that, previously, one of the main causes of this conflict was the common religious sanctity existing there, which might be considered one of
the main key factors to resolve this issue and put the final peaceful end to this long-standing dispute.
Keywords: Conflict, dispute, issue, peaceful, religious, resolve




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