American Women Making Breakthrough in the Arenas of Politics and Government


  • Tamar SHIOSHVILI International Black Sea University



The deep-rooted protectionism tendency towards the American women prevented women from occupying high posts in the legislative branch.
However, women’s prominent movements ingendered several outstanding women in elected positions starting from the first half of the XXth century.
By the mid-1990s there were more women in Congress in Capitol Hill. Janet Reno was appointed as the first woman U.S. attorney general in the
American History, Madeline Albright, the first woman secretary, Condoleezza Rice as the first woman national security adviser for President Bush,
Nancy Pelosi was the first woman, the new minority leader of the House of the 108th Congress in 2003 and others, Kamala Harris is the first highestranking
female, the first African American and first Asian Vice President of the United States.
The question is – whether elected women can make a crucial difference in political institutions and public policy that is still dominated by masculinist
Keywords: Accomplishment, election, participation




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