The United States National Strategy Formulation Process


  • Romani KAVTARADZE International Black Sea University



The United States national strategy formulation is a deliberate and thoughtful process, which has some challenges. It is very important to examine the
foundation and nature of the United States policy and strategy processes. The strategic policymakers must evaluate the concept of national security
in the context of modern international relations. This study brings some examples from the beginning of the Cold War to the present, and examines
the U.S. policymakers’ decisions to use hard power – as an instrument of national power, which is the last option in the foreign policy. Whole-ofgovernment
is a concept related to grand strategy, which includes all instruments of national power. This study introduces the concept and potential
opportunities of whole-of-government collaboration. Finally, it introduces my recommendations for key decision makers and strategists at the national
level, and guidelines of strategy formulation for policymakers, who are involved in designing, developing, and executing national security policy and
Keywords: Grand strategy, hard power, national security policy, national security strategy, smart power, whole-of-government




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