The World of Games and Georgian Theatre in Baku

  • Mariam MARJANISHVILI Kutaisi State Historical Museum


The concept of Azerbaijan appeared in the Georgians’ mind with the folk song “Urmuli”, as in the first line of the song “I’ll go to Aghzevan for salt”, the word “Aghzevan” means Azerbaijan.
The friendship and cultural relations between Georgian and Azerbaijan peoples have a long history. The best children of these two nations have always tried to develop and strengthen this friendship.
It is important to study and research every form and field of these relations, including traditional theatric-cultural one between the two peoples.
At the end of the 1870s, Baku, which was weakened by Turkey and Iran, turned into a large oil capitalist industry, business society and credit banks. Very soon, Baku turned into a multinational city. Alongside Russians, Armenians, Polish, Ukrainians, Jews, there were more and more Georgians.
How was the city infrastructure affected by the rivalry of different material opportunities?!
The growth of the population caused the growth of the city itself, but this growth was not homogenous, “whichever aspect of people’s life we take, - said newspaper “Kaspi” – there are intense contradictions everywhere: on the one hand, rich buildings with parquet floors, mirrors and electric lights, on the other – street huts with smoking oil-lamps” (Newspaper “Kaspi”, 1893).
Keywords: World of Games, Baku Theater, Art, National Sign, Eternal Torch

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