African American Women in Persian Gulf Wars

  • Nana PARINOS Caucasus International University


The paper outlines the role, contribution and place of ethnic women minorities, namely, African American women, taking their race, religious and national backgrounds into consideration in Persian Gulf Wars. Methods: Quantitative research method; Comparative research method; Content-analyses. Results: The evidence suggests that 33 percent of women in the military were African Americans. This figure is quite impressive and indicates that women gained the best adaptation to this field. It was the military that became the trampoline that would connect them to American society. Military service gave African American women the following advantages: Career opportunities (the field is dangerous and less demanding); Ability to demonstrate goodness to the country; Adaptation to civil society.
Keywords: African American women, ethnic women minorities, Persian Gulf wars, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination

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PARINOS, N. (2020). African American Women in Persian Gulf Wars. Journal in Humanities, 8(2), 38-46.