Coverage of Military Issues in the Newspaper “Georgia” (1918-1919)

  • Tsitsino BUKIA Caucasus International University


Reporting on military issues does not lose relevance in the modern media. In the Georgian press of the 20th century, this topic was given a great place. The purpose of my research was to review newspaper “Sakartvelo” (1918-1919) periodical edition of the National Democratic Party; identify how they covered military issues and how the publicists expressed their position.
Research had shown that “Sakartvelo” under the heading “War” was offering to their readers brief informational notes from various fronts of World War I. Military issues were mainly covered by extensive publications, there were analytical materials about creation of Young State's Defense System and the Reorganization of the Army.
Publicists of the newspaper “Sakartvelo” offered to the Georgian government a proper plan how to organize army. According to the newspaper's position, military forces should be regular and any kind of economizing was unjustified not to get the reverse effect and not to create anarchy instead of order.
Keywords: Army, Georgia, party press, war

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