The Importance of Support of Newly Independent State at an Early Stage and Development of Strategic Partnership between the U.S. and Georgia

  • Lela VANISHVILI International Black Sea University


The following paper aims to examine the U.S foreign policy to Georgia carried out by the Democrat Presidents – Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Foreign Policy of the United States was changeable across the decades and due to different presidents, sometimes the interest and cooperations’ rank was low, and sometimes was on the high level. At present the cooperation between two countries is developing in various direction and at different levels, including mutual security and counterterrorism interests which aims to provide Georgia with bilateral security assistance. Preliminary studies of the US assistance to Georgia which aimed to promote the democracy in the country carried out during the Democrat presidents have revealed some alterations. The finances invested education and restructuring of state institutions helped Georgia to make rapid advancement in building democracy in the country.
Keywords: Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush, contribution to NATO missions, Georgian presidents, International Republican Institute, NDI in Georgia, Sovereignty of Georgia, strategic partnership, support of Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, The Open Society Georgia Foundation, USAID operating in Georgia