Is New Cold War Started? Possible Military Confrontation between USA and Russia on the Examples of Comparing the Military Potentials of Two Powers and Withdrawal from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by Both Countries

  • Nika CHITADZE International Black Sea University


The paper explores the analysis of the main reasons of the restarting the confrontation between USA and Russia, review the military potential of two powers on the example of the structure of land forces, air forces, military fleet, nuclear potential etc.
Second part of the research is dedicated to the observation the possible consequences of the abolishment Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which was signed in 1987 between USA and USSR, particularly, what type of threats can be emerged for the International Community on the examples of the considering the missile potential of two countries and security environment in the Baltic and Black Sea Regions as a potential frontier lines between USA and Russia Federation.
Keywords: Armed Forces, Cold War, Missile Systems, Russia, USA