Pivot States and Great Powers - the U.S. Foreign Policy Strategy towards Georgia as a “Pivot State“

  • Eka BERAIA International Black Sea University


Great powers are believed to play a crucial role in global politics. Their keen interests in politics, military capabilities and economic strength mean that their actions have a great influence on the international security environment. The powers maintain dominant positions in alliances and in waging wars, and prove their diplomatic and political weight in international affairs. This difference in power distribution and reputation leads to so called “a set of rights and rules“, governing interactions among states. Pivot states generally possess military, economic or ideational strategic assets and are coveted by great powers. They are caught in the middle of overlapping spheres of influence of multiple great powers as measured by associations that consist of ties that bind military and economic agreements as well as cultural affinities.
Keywords: Brinksmanship, cooperation, deployment, global politics, great actors, initiative, pivot states