American University Campus – Reflection of Globalization Process

  • Irina BAKHTADZE International Black Sea University


Globalization of higher education is a process which has been on for more than a century. Changes it brings is connected with education, teaching-learning, research, practice, engagement and services. It requires new ways of thinking organizationally about knowledge and learning – how to grow and share it. One of the most pressing problems in the process of globalization is how to stay unique and keep identity. Global campus should offer to its customers most updated and high-quality knowledge which will help them promote personally and develop their career on international level. Globalization offers educational programs to a wide population and establishes common moral values. World market demands, technological advancement and English as a global language supported creation of international educational institutions and global campuses. IBSU one of the best international universities in Georgia has been involved in the process of globalization of higher education since its foundation. Personal interviews have been conducted with four IBSU staff members to identify the reasons and results of globalization experienced by the university.
Keywords: Distant education, Georgian students-U.S. university alumni, global campus, higher education, International Black Sea University, interviews regarding IBSU globalization, morality as cooperation, multicultural campus, university education globalization, U.S. universities

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