Export of Georgian Qvevri Wine to the United States - Sharing Culture, History, and Traditions

  • Irina BAKHTADZE International Black Sea University


Viticulture and winemaking not only strengthen country’s economy, but also endorse socio-cultural and political relationships, create its image as the country of ancient culture,
supports development of wine science and implementation of advanced winemaking technologies, promotes successful market strategy and wine tourism. Georgian wines have
been exported to the US for the last decade and have deserved considerable attention from American consumers. Georgia offered to the market Qvevri wine which is produced
according to ancient Georgian traditions – wine maturing in ceramic vessels deeply dug in the earth. Georgian winemaking is now focused on production of ecologically pure wine,
bio-wine which can be achieved by applying natural treatment and Georgian authentic winemaking methods.
Keywords: Bio-wine, ecologically pure wine, Georgian culture and wine, Georgian wine
export, Georgian wines in the U.S., Qvevri wine