Political and Economic Consequences of the U.S. Policy in Latin America

  • Nika Chitadze
  • Nani Cheishvili


The paper explores the US policy in Latin America from the first half of the XIX Century till the modern period. US always had its geopolitical, geo economic and geostrategic
interests in Latin America, but the strategy and tactics of the official Washington`s policies in the region differed from each other, for example, during the “cold war” and after
of the “cold war” period. The changes of the US policy were depended on those political realities, which existed in Latin America during the different period of the modern world
Important part of the research is dedicated to the current socio-economic and political situation in Latin America, taking into consideration the US impact in this region.
Keywords: Democratization, Geopolitics, intervention, Latin America, USA