Scots in America

  • Jonathan SCOTT


This essay examines the immigration and contributions of Scots to America, as well as
offering an explanation regarding the resurgence of interest in Scottish ancestry. Scots
were a core immigrant group from three regions of the United Kingdom that were, like
other immigrants, both” pushed and pulled” into America. The Scots backgrounds in
faith, political loyalties, and hardships influenced the integration into becoming what is
recognized as American. Some generalities about Scottish immigrants in first the Colonies,
and then the United States, can be identified in religion and political persuasion.
The success of their assimilation is evidenced in numerous areas of American life and
society, but specifically mentioned in the essay are politics, literature, business, and the
military. A resurgence of interest and claims to Scottish ancestry are a result of the core
groups seeking recognition after the 60s; the influence of television and movies; and the
information age conveniences of the internet and social media.

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