The Effectiveness of the On-line Lobbying as of the Innovative Strategies of the American Interest Groups



Online-lobbying is the most recent development of lobbying strategies of the Interest
groups. It started in the beginning of the 2000s, has gained the increasing popularity as
it showed as one of the most effective and time-saving, resource-saving strategy.With
the help of online lobbying, a political interest group and its member can quickly work
together to solve any issue, to articulate the interests of the wider community, consult
with competent people. Computer communication can thus stimulate the development
of civil society institutions, to assist in the formation of civic consciousness. In the following
article are discussed the effects of the new methods of online-lobbying and the
online strategies that are used by the American interest groups to influence the public
opinion. Will be analyzed the rising influence of social networking and brought the main
points of its use among the interest groups.