The Policy of Donald Trump towards Native Americans



Many questions have arisen about Donald Trump during the campaign concerning his
platform, his knowledge of issues, his inflammatory language and his level of comfort
with political violence. Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, Trump’s unexpected
victory is shocking for the people of color, women, immigrants and disabled individuals
- the people he frequently refers to in a derogatory way.
Particularly interesting is President Trump’s attitude towards Native Americans. Native
communities across the U.S. have experienced hundreds of years of colonization and it
is quite alarming for them to see a man who has historically disrespected and attacked
indigenous people throughout his campaign in 2016.
The article aims to elaborate the current attitude of Donald Trump towards Native Americans,
particularly, the study reviews present policies of President Trump in relation
with American Indians. It is important to understand how he might go about making
decisions in office concerning indigenous peoples of the U.S.