East-European Space in the Context of the New Geopolitical Architecture Configuration

  • Svetlana CEBOTARI


Studying the geopolitical architecture of the East-European space we can say that this
part of the globe is in the process of formation as a result of relations among geopolitical
actors – power centers – the West represented by the US, NATO and EU on one hand
and on the other hand the Russian Federation. Carefully analyzing the ongoing transformations
in East- European space, we see that the content of geopolitics centered on
the ability of states to divide geographical space has rapidly changed.
This article analyzes for the first time the subject of the “new configuration of East-European
geopolitical architecture”. Integration processes like the EU and NATO eastward
extension, as well as those of integration / disintegration from post-Soviet space, the
events in eastern Ukraine that resulted in the annexation of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol
by the Russian Federation have had a significant influence on the creation of
the new geopolitical architecture of the East-European space.