Oldest Population of Caucasus According to Mythological Data

  • Ketevan SIKHARULIDZE International Black Sea University
Keywords: Mythology, folklore, giants, Devs, population


According to mythological data ancient population of Caucasus was represented by Giants. Among them are one-eyed Goliaths also. They
mainly appear as shepherds. Goliaths obtained all means for existence and the next generations used them. Later they lost their old dignity
and transformed into evil creatures. There are women Goliaths-warriors in the Caucasian folklore and their activity is connected to the heroicwedding
A special group of giants in the Caucasian mythology is made of Devs, which appeared here as a result of cultural-historical contacts with the
Oriental world. According to beliefs of the East Georgian mountain dwellers, the territory where their resided, used to belong to Devs earlier.
Devs used to be involved in various economies: hunting, farming, sheep breeding. As the ancient settlers Devs are distinguished for special

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Ketevan SIKHARULIDZE, International Black Sea University
An associate professor of the Faculty of Humanities