The Films of John Ford in the Golden Age of Westerns (1946-1960)

  • Zviad DOLIDZE Professor Doctor
Keywords: Adaptation, cinema, filmmaker, film stars, Golden Age, popular genre, Wild West


The article is dedicated to the famous western films of the greatest American filmmaker John
Ford. It is well known that after the World War Second the Western as the film genre had
the period of its renaissance during approximately fifteen years. There were appeared many
interesting westerns in this period made by original style Hollywood film directors and among
them was John Ford exactly one of the pure stylists of world cinema. His films always were
noted by critics and audience, always had the great impressions on the minds of the new and
new generations, etc. Indeed Ford made other genre films too (and not bad) but as he liked
to underline he was the master of westerns. Most of these works were the brilliant screen adaptations
of American classical literature about mythical Wild West and the US Army history.

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