Folk Motives in Tedo Razikashvili’s Novels

  • Mariam Bakuridze International Black Sea University
Keywords: Folklore, novel, Tedo Razikashvili, tradition


Tedo Razikashvili had studied and internalized Georgian Folk Literature in his young age. He had traveled the whole North-East Georgia and Kakheti region.
He had wide knowledge of traditions of different mountainous regions of Georgia, he also had an expertise in Dialectology as well. This was the primary reason for his use of folk themes in his literary works.

Author Biography

Mariam Bakuridze, International Black Sea University
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities
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Bakuridze, M. (2017). Folk Motives in Tedo Razikashvili’s Novels. Journal in Humanities, 5(2), 20-21.