The Wishing Tree by Giorgi Leonidze: World of Heroes


  • Mariam Bakuridze International Black Sea University



Giorgi Leonidze, heroes, novels, Patardzeuli, prose


“The Wishing Tree” by Giorgi Leonidze – a truly prosaic masterpiece is a result of great artistic
experience. Giorgi Leonidze depicts the fascinating ethnographic picture of the 20th century
Kakhetian life. The writer presents the picture not only in order to preserve the memory of
characters depicted, but also intending to show that the way of life shown in the novel was
nurturing and making young individuals’ lives subtle. For a poet, The Wishing Tree was blossoming
in Patardzeuli and it still does so. Patardzeuli is the very place the author confessed
his love to when he was still young and dedicated quite a number of his verses to the place,
but as this great feeling of passionate love towards his fatherland and his own people did not
fade with time, he could not control his feelings and thoughts within his soul and mind that
have gathered throughout his lifetime as they were trying to manifest themselves in different
form. You can find any type of personality in the “The Wishing Tree”; those ones who will
remind you many of your acquaintances and those ones, who are different from other as well.

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Mariam Bakuridze, International Black Sea University

Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities




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