Consciousness and Existence

  • Givi AMAGLOBELI International Black Sea University
Keywords: Consciousness, cognition, existent, non-existent, Semantic Triangle


This paper endeavors to examine the relationship between consciousnesses and existence, or more precisely – the relation and attitude of consciousness towards existence which in other terms is the relation and attitude of cognitive processes towards objective reality. The fundamental question that should be posed in this context can be
formulated in the following manner: which one is primary and which is secondary, which is determinant, and how existence is being reflected in consciousness; how existence/ existent is reflected in and through language, which is the external manifestation of consciousness. We will begin with an examination of the issue by referring to ancient philosophical reflections comparing them with modern considerations in the Philosophy of Language.

Author Biography

Givi AMAGLOBELI, International Black Sea University
Assistant Professor
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AMAGLOBELI, G. (2017). Consciousness and Existence. Journal in Humanities, 5(2), 5-9.