Educational Challenges Faced by the Native Americans The Case of the Cherokee Nation

  • Tea Chumburidze Mrs. Chumburidze has graduated from International Black Sea University, Faculty of Education and Humanities, major in American Studies. She has obtained her MA degree in U.S. Foreign Affairs at the same university. Currently she is a Ph.D. Candidate of the Faculty of Education and Humanities, Direction of American Studies at IBSU. She works as a Study Process Administrator of the same faculty and delivers courses on American History.
Keywords: Native Americans, Indigenous, the Cherokees, Education, policy, American Indian


This article examines the educational issues facing Native American people, who have experienced a considerable amount of oppressive federal and state educational policies intending to assimilate them to the mainstream society and destroy their cultures and languages. The research aims to investigate the impact of educational policy of the U.S. government on the Native American population and culture with a particular focus on the Cherokee people.