Factors of Providing English Language Learners’ Motivation while Teaching General English to Freshmen Students of American Studies Program (Case of IBSU)


  • Irina BAKHTADZE International Black Sea University
  • Nino Danelia International Black Sea University




American studies program, English Language learning, extra-curriculum activities, factors of motivation, freshmen, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, motivation, students, teachers’ motivation


Nowadays, English has become a global language and it is spoken in more countries than
any other languages. One of the first motivating factors for the students who wish to continue
study of English language on advanced level - is its wide applicability. Moreover, each student
understands that being a citizen of the country with population over 4 million, most widely
used foreign language will give them the best return for their efforts, and particularly in terms
of employment opportunities. English has become the language of media, business, science,
and international relations, and it is a working language of the majority of international organizations
in the world. The careers that involve lots of travel or international exposure, such
as the airline, tourism and film industries, use English as their official language, and many
employers require evidence of a certain level of proficiency in English before they consider
employing young people. This means that if students can speak English, they will have wider
choice in terms of possible careers after finishing the university (Crystal, 2003). With the help
of increased English language competences, the undergraduates have an access to some
of the world’s best universities at all levels of education. We live in the digital age; 55% of the
world’s web-pages are written in English (Graddol, 2001). “Facebook”, “Google” and other
social networks are basically in English. The young language learners perceive the role of
English learning through their personal experience when they use computer, brows in the
internet, try to find some specific information they are interested in, watch films, listen to the
music, read journals and newspapers, or try to communicate with foreign friends. This raises
internal motivation which helps them to set the goal which is connected with the language
study on a higher level.

Author Biographies

Irina BAKHTADZE, International Black Sea University

Full Professor of the Faculty of Education and Humanities

Nino Danelia, International Black Sea University

M.A., Faculty of Education and Humanities




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