Teaching Foreign Languages under the Conditions of Globalization

  • Gulnara DIASAMIDZE International Black Sea University
Keywords: globalization, foreign languages, foreign friends, colleagues, communication


Foreign languages play a rather important role in the current multi-cultural globalized market. Knowledge of a foreign language can help you to effectively cooperate with your colleagues, serve the clients better and even built a totally new career! For whatever reason a foreign language is studied, self-confidence is definitely gained in the process of learning by achievement of the set objectives. In addition, in the process of learning you make many new friends among bearers of the language in the neighborhood, as well as on other continents! Knowledge of a foreign language is a skill which you will never lose (provided that you practice on a regular basis). Besides, learning of a foreign language can help you to develop the capacities of your brain, have a better understanding of other cultures and enhance relations with your foreign friends and colleagues! To do that, it is necessary to know their culture, traditions, customs etc. This plays an important role in the effectiveness of communication as well as teaching foreign languages. Many failures in international contacts and in the pedagogical practice result from ignoring them. The globalization process, in which all of us are involved, requires that students of non-linguistic specialties study foreign languages which will help them to find their way in the specialty, help them to communication and express their ideas in a competent manner. For that we should revise the result of learning a foreign language by students as well as expand the range of methodic means in teaching.

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Gulnara DIASAMIDZE, International Black Sea University
Associate Professor
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