Corporate Social Responsibility Double Standards of CSR (Two Case Studies)

  • Tamar Lazishvili Ph.D. Student
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, sustainable development, global business, sustainability, company, multinational corporation, double standards


Corporate Social Responsibility - the concept that some perceive to be a company’s duty to be sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders in their business activities, is strongly tied with the principles of sustainable development in proposing that companies should be obliged to make decisions based not only on the financial and economic interests, but also on the social and environmental outcomes of their activities. Corporations often articulate their commitment to “corporate social responsibility” principles, but their actual fulfillment of these principles, especially in third world countries, is questionable. This deviation between rhetoric and reality, commitment and concrete performance especially in developing parts of the world reveals the fact that many corporations have not wholly incorporated CSR into their business models and represents convincing evidence to double standards of SCR

Author Biography

Tamar Lazishvili, Ph.D. Student
International Black Sea University