A Scientific View to the Universe Creation

  • Giorgi Bagaturia International Black Sea University
Keywords: Creation, Darwinism, enough conditions, evolution, facts and hypothesis, necessary conditions, self-development, The Big Bang, The False Moral of Atheism, The Laws of Nature


There are various theories about the creation of universe in the scientific world. The atheists suggest that the universe was born by “the Big Bang” some billions years ago, the life had begun accidently and later by itself an evolution development occurred. We have various inorganic and organic worlds. The article tries to prove that the universe and the life were created by the Lord. Necessary and sufficient conditions were imported for the creation of the evolution theory. The necessary conditions are the old ages of the universe (billions years) and Nature’s Laws that enable an evolution development. The sufficient conditions should be a lot of samples confirming the uninterrupted line of the evolution. Actually, there are a lot of facts proving the existence of the old age of universe. However, article demonstrates that there were no sufficient conditions needed for the evolution i.e. development itself. Nature’s Laws exclude the opportunities of the evolution development at all. Besides, during archaeological excavations a great number of remains and fossils were found and all of them were completed, there were no transitional forms as it was considered in their formation according the theory.  Consequently, we have to deny the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of the evolution theory and to confirm that the universe and the life were created by the Lord.  

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Giorgi Bagaturia, International Black Sea University
An associate professor of the Faculty of Business Management 
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