Language Need Analysis of Teaching Turkish Language as a Foreign Language in the Georgian Universities


  • Mehmet Selim AYHAN International Black Sea University



Teaching Turkish to foreigner, language needs analysis, Georgia, Turkish language, cultural relations


It can be said that Georgia and Turkey have the political, military, economic, literary and cultural relations starting from the ancient period. Turkish tribes such as Kipchak, Khwarazm, Tatar-Mongols, Timur, Karakoyunsand Seljuks are known that they had relationship from the 7thcentury. Georgia seems to be culturally influenced as it has the border with Azerbaijan in the southeast and Turkey in the Southwest. Relations between Turkish and Georgian people are reflected in the culture and language of both nations, namely, Turkish and Georgian, in the historical period. It is undoubtedly known that borrowing words were the most obvious area in mutual reflection between the languages. In the recent years, for many reasons such as cultural acquaintance, neighbour recognition, getting information about Georgia in the Ottoman archives, Turkish soap operas on local TV channels have increased the Turkish teaching in Georgia.
Nowadays Turkish teaching widely continues in Georgian universities. Even this can be seen in secondary schools and at the different faculties in the state and private universities. It is very important having made the analysis in the needs of the language instruction and curriculum in Georgian universities. It will accelerate the Turkish teaching if people know the purpose of learning language and how much time they allocate to it.
The purpose of this research is to determine students’ Turkish language learning needs in Georgian universities while they are learning Turkish according to the variables. The data obtained through surveys for the quantitative and qualitative researches, the results were analysed by SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys. Participants of the research were 141 students who learn Turkish languages in Georgian universities in 2015 year. Data were analysed by percentage, mean, frequencies and factor analysis. Based on the data obtained from the surveyneed analysis for Turkish language learning in Georgian universities were determined.

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Mehmet Selim AYHAN, International Black Sea University

Dr., School of Languages




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