Why Hamlet Slaughtered Himself Redefining the Confusion and Ambiguity in the Issue of Killing and Committing Suicide in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

  • Serdar ALIÇ International Black Sea University
Keywords: Hamlet, Ambiguity, Suicide


The terms “killing” and “committing suicide” have always been a matter of question in the world of literature since the beginning of human life on earth. These issue has also taken part in Shakespeare’s works repeatedly. Shakespeare questioned the reasons of these in terms of the dilemma between nature and nurture. In Hamlet he revisits these concepts and casts doubts about the nature of human beings while they are capable of taking each other’s or own lives. In this paper, how Hamlet character is centralized for these sort of killings by making mistakes and how he sacrificed himself for the sake of his believes will be discussed thoroughly. This clarification of the details about this seminal work should be regarded as a reflection of reshaping Shakespeare reality from another perspective.

Author Biography

Serdar ALIÇ, International Black Sea University
Vice Dean, Faculty of Business Management