The Role of Women Voters in the 2012 Presidential Elections

  • Irina BAKHTADZE International Black Sea University
Keywords: 2012 elections, women voters, gender gap, women’s political power, Barak Obama’s supporters, Violence against Women Act (VAWA)


Today American women play important role in political life of the country. Women’s active participation affects the outcomesof the elections at all levels. The 2012 presidential elections were a demonstration of the political power of women who provedthat they can defend democratic values and successfully continue to struggle for the equal rights. As elected officials and as voters,women are more likely than men to hold liberal views and support the Democratic Party, while men favor Republicans for decades.55 percent of women voted for Obama, while only 43 percent voted for Mitt Romney. Women made up about 54 percent of electorate,and in total, the gender gap on Tuesday reached 18 percent. It is becoming more and more evident that women leaders are ableto bring different policy priorities in the legislative agenda, particularly in the area of women’s issues. Social problems directly impactingwomen helped Democrats sway votes in many states. The effective steps taken by Obama Administration to ensure genderequality and equity at all levels encourage women to support incumbent president policy. One of the impressive achievements ofthe women movement is that now women participate in political processes and speak for themselves; so that different ideas whichdo not necessarily coincide with the mainstream opinion, have equal right for existence. This fact indicates that a true democraticattitude has been shaped, and the women are gaining power as they speak for themselves. Women support governmental spendingon social issues and expect new administration to show more empathy and actual help to middle class. They positively responded tothe Democrats’ messages supporting welfare policy, abortion rights, jobs, healthcare, economy, and equal rights.

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Irina BAKHTADZE, International Black Sea University
An associate professor of the Faculty of Humanities
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