Area of Usage of Prophet’s Narrations in Classical Turkish Poetry: Lover, Rival and Darling

  • ishak Taşdelen
Keywords: Beloved/Darling, Classical Turkish Poetry, Lover, Rival, The Narrations of Prophets


Divan poets have been brought up with the Islamic religion and its culture as a part of the society they belong to and they have composed their works by making use of this cultural accumulation. We have been witnessing that as a piece of this cultural richness, the narrations of prophets whose sources depend on the Quran, Hadith Books, and Jewish texts are often used in related literary activity and are the source of inspiration for poets by various similes, references, and metaphors. The aim of this study is to evaluate the narrations of The Prophets which have a very important place among the sources of inspiration of Turkish Classical Poetry from the view of traditional love trio of Divan poetry: Lover, Rival, and the Beloved/Dar- ling. While assessing, it will be used different selected couplets chosen from different Divan (ode) poets from various centuries.