The Role of Hillary Clinton, as a Secretary of States, in U.S Foreign Policy Between 2008-2012

  • Lela VANISHVILI International Black Sea University
Keywords: federal budget, department budget, jurisdiction, personal security, national-security team


Following work refers to the U.S Foreign Policy during 2008-2012, while the Secretary of States was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her intervention in foreign crisis and activities to solve that crisis.  Despite the fact that she is a woman, I would to underline her activity as a strong person and politician. How actively she is involved in world affairs. From my point of view she is really strong and intellectual person and I strongly with the opinion that she is a “Living History”. My article is based on U.S and Georgian politicians’ and political scientists’ opinions and researches.

Author Biography

Lela VANISHVILI, International Black Sea University
A Doctoral Student