Society, Globalization and Some Functions of International Marketing (US Customer-Driven Approach)

  • Nickolas George MAKHARASHVILI International Black Sea University
Keywords: complexity, customer, free trade, globalization, interdependency, local society, macro environments, momentum, multinational, national borders


International Marketing and globalization underwent fundamental changes in the last two decades. Global political and eco- nomic liberalization trends created tremendous business opportunities and challenges for international marketers. For differ- ent societies internet marketing, as a significant part of the international marketing, has become an important issue for many businesses around the world.  Special attention is paid to the overall marketing issues, mainly to the various definitions and models of the marketing.   It reviews the theories about the international marketing as well as the benefits and disadvantages of doing business international. It examines the main facilitating condi-tions and obstacles in the international marketing. The main issue is marketing environment analyzing the micro-and macro environments. However, the focus of interest is the macro environment which includes political, legal, economic, social, cultural, and technological dimensions including local so-ciety. International marketing for different societies is the guide to developing the skills and understanding required on the global phase and it goes on to grow in importance and practice with growing globali-zation, and as such, directly contributes to improved and freer trade among countries. 

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Nickolas George MAKHARASHVILI, International Black Sea University
A full professor of the Faculty of Humanities
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MAKHARASHVILI, N. (1). Society, Globalization and Some Functions of International Marketing (US Customer-Driven Approach). Journal in Humanities, 2(2), 45-47.