• Mariam Bakuridze International Black Sea University
Keywords: Galaktion, folklore, poetry


In his article “Lyricism”, Galaktion points out the unbreakable bond between a poet and folk poetry. The author underlines the unifying ethnic character of the ancient lyrical poetry. According to his observations, the folk poetry stands out with its artistic imagery and the richness of language. It is through the knowledge of folk poetry, that one is able to master technicalities of a poem and discover new poetic forms. Due to this belief the author finds it essential to have a comparative study of both literary and folk poetry. He wrote: “Our poetic techniques have a history of thousand years, we must learn it all and when we know it well, only then we will be able to discover new forms.” The poet had devised his own method of digestion and approach: he uses the folklore texts in accordance with his creative principals. In his poems, he sometimes takes the unchanged texts or folkloric elements and uses them to his own ends in such a way that the reader still feels the author’s unique voice and those borrowed elements are combined into something unmistakably different and new.

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Mariam Bakuridze, International Black Sea University
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities
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