The Importance of Ethics and its Relevance to Challenges of Global Education

  • Irina BAKHTADZE International Black Sea University
Keywords: Moral education, University ethics, cultural relativism, common moral decencies, ethical relativism, globalization of education, ethics and multicultural education


The article focuses on one of the dominant issues of higher education – moral education, and its significance in the process of globalization of education. How are these two interlocked in a broader context? How is morality understood and interpreted by American scholars and philosophers? How should ethical concerns be applied in a realm of higher education? Globalization of education demands that a common ground for morality – based on a system of universally recognized policies and rules should be established. Knowledge, based on recent achievements in science and humanities, has become the most powerful vehicle to override irrational social constructs which are inconsistent with universal ethical and moral norms. Application of cultural relativism when teaching and practicing morality at the universities might lead to some miscommunication among the university population; on the other hand, tolerance towards differences is one of the fundamental principals of a democratic society. Universities are determined to achieve global standards through excellence in performance. This aim could not be achieved unless the university society has full understanding of cultural differences and expresses its tolerance and good will to find its place in a multicultural environment. The universities that are dedicated to high ethical standards reap many rewards, including high employee commitment, stronger commitment of the students and alumni, enhanced reputation, and sustained long-term performance. Ethics in education is a solid foundation of university change and improvement which can continue only in an atmosphere of confidence and fairness.

Author Biography

Irina BAKHTADZE, International Black Sea University
An associate professor of the Faculty of Education and Humanities