Equivalence Questions of Irony and Humor in Haldun Taner’s Literary Works Translated into Georgian Language (“It was Raining in Shishane”, “One Minute to Twelve”, “Two Neighbors”, “Binocular”)

  • Muzaffer KIR International Black Sea University
Keywords: Equivalence case, Haldun aner, irony/humor, translation studies, translator competency


Literary translations form other languages into Georgian have been interestedly chased by the Georgian literary readers. Geor- gian literary readers sometimes pay more attention to “how the translated” than “what the translated work says?”  The case of translation competency of irony and humor into Georgian language of modern Turkish writer Haldun Taner (1915-1986)’s literary works like “It was raining in Shishane”, “One minute to twelve”, “Two Neighbors”, “Binocular” presents tremendous interest in terms of translation studies.  Haldun Taner’s literary works have been focused ironically and masterly on some social topics leaping to the eye of Turk- ish society as inequity, unfairness, impropriety, i.e. Taner, in his Turkish sentence “Çoğu hayvanların kulağı insanınkinden delik”/The ear of most animals is more ‘hole’ that people’s one” means that due to some negative features obtained in his life time like arrogance…etc. humankind fails to carry out its dominant responsibilities to be carried out in this world life. The above-mentioned sentence was translated into Georgian language on semantic basis, that’s what Turkish author wanted to mean in his own language. If the translator had chosen another way of the field of translation then the meaning of this polysemous sentence would have been damaged. It is a sign that the translator of target language (into Georgian) has deep competency in terms of language ability and he is deeply familiar with the source/Turkish cultural codes. This paper will try to deal with the deepness and vastness of coinci- dence of Turkish sentences translated into Georgian language in terms of semantics. 

Author Biography

Muzaffer KIR, International Black Sea University
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and Humanities