The Role of Women in the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Maia Samkanashvili International Black Sea University
Keywords: female characters, flappers, the traditional woman


At the end of the World War I the role of women as housewives changed dramatically. They were forced to work and to earntheir own money which was the first step towards their independence. Especially after the war women came to the conclusion thatthere had to be more in life than just looking after the children and the house. By earning the right to vote in 1920 women made theirbiggest step in being accepted as equal members of society. This freedom changed women’s attitude totally. They started drinkingalcohol, smoking and dancing a new type of dance called “Swing.” One perfect example is Daisy from “Great Gatsby” by F. ScottFitzgerald.

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Maia Samkanashvili, International Black Sea University
Ph.D. Candidate 
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