Breaking Down Prejudices: Racism in America: Past and Present

  • Kristina Lazaridi
Keywords: prejudice, race, racism


This article discusses racism as a form of prejudices which still frequently occurs in the United States despite the Civil RightsAct of 1964 and other legislation. This research demonstrates that conditions for black Americans are improved over what they wereseveral decades ago. However, they still experience discrimination in many ways, in terms of education, employment, heath care,health insurance, career advancement, law, and access to a better social environment, etcetera. The author addresses this topic because it is important to demonstrate that racism is a global problem that still continues toexist. This article discusses unfair behaviors of society toward black people and provides recommendations in order to break downracial prejudices.
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Lazaridi, K. (1). Breaking Down Prejudices: Racism in America: Past and Present. Journal in Humanities, 2(1), 39-45.