Racism in America: Black America’s Real Problem

  • Tea Chumburidze International Black Sea University
Keywords: African Americans, Civil Rights Act of 1964, racism


The purpose of this article is to explore, understand, and evaluate the issue of racism in America. Since the Proclamation of Emancipation in 1863 through the race riots and peaceful marches of the 1960’s, this problem continues to plague America in the twenty-first century. The 1964 Civil Rights Act represents a clear turning point in history - a point at which America made a genuine attempt to resolve its contradictions and its constrictions. However, while the nation echoes, “All men are created equal,” in every corner of the United States there are still small pockets of racism and hate and within these pockets they believe that the “other” race is inferior to them. 

Author Biography

Tea Chumburidze, International Black Sea University
Ph.D Student
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