Major Differences Between American and British English in Business Communication

  • Maia Kutateladze International Black Sea University
Keywords: American English, British English, business communication, grammar, pronunciation, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary


The article is an attempt to illustrate the difference between American and British English partly and to show the impact of deviations on business communication. It provides the differences in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation and exhibits the misunderstanding the deviations in these aspects of language may cause in business cooperation. The main idea of the article is to illustrate the linguistic distinctions which will have an effect on business cooperation. The article also explains the reasons of deviations between American and British English, speaks about the original form of English, the development of differences and the future of English. And finally the article speaks about the future of English and process called globalization which determines fate of linguistic differences between American and British English.

Author Biography

Maia Kutateladze, International Black Sea University
Ph.D. Student