Myth Symbols of Caucasian Mountains

  • Ketevan SIKHARULIDZE International Black Sea University
Keywords: Caucasus, mountain, symbol, mythology, deities, chain, punishment


The article addresses the myth symbol of Caucasian Mountains which is characterized by ambivalence. On the one hand, it isthe Place of Gods, on the other hand, it is the place of punishment of deities. This reveals the function of the mountain, as the borderof various universes. Therefore, the perpetrator chained here is in an indefinite state. He is not able to act and his destructive forceis sustained. Such beliefs of Caucasians influenced the Greek Mythology as well. The article reviews the plots of the Caucasian andGreek Mythology in which Caucasian Mountains represent a sacral place of punishment of deities.

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Ketevan SIKHARULIDZE, International Black Sea University
An associate professor of the Faculty of Humanities
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SIKHARULIDZE, K. (1). Myth Symbols of Caucasian Mountains. Journal in Humanities, 2(1), 35-37.