How to Fight the War on Terror: Civilization and Ideology

  • Tea Chumburidze International Black Sea University


The purpose of this article is to understand what the concept of ‘victory’ in the war on terror would actually mean. The traditionalnotion of winning a war is clear, defeating an enemy on the battlefield and forcing it to accept political terms. However, it isimportant to determine what does victory or defeat mean in a war on terror? Will this kind of war ever end? How long will it take?Former U.S. President George Bush’s approach to the war on terror implicated the use of offensive measures against terroristorganizations. This approach was criticized by leading Democrats who argued that it was important to conduct more and smarterdiplomacy, and intensify cooperation with key allies.Bush’s critics considered that his approach to the war on terror created more terrorists than it eliminated and that it will continueto do so unless the United States, under the presidency of Barack Obama, radically changes course.

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Tea Chumburidze, International Black Sea University
MA Student
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